Become a Partner

What does becoming a partner with Kindness and Charity Mean?

You will get to partner with Ecommerce industry experts that want to do things a little different. We exist to assist you in your mission to help others. Think of us as an extension of your team that can amplify your reach and your ability to spread the word of god and do great things for people in need.

Here are a few ways we partner with Charities to help increase their incoming donations:

1. Charities will reach out to their community through email and social channels, directing them to our site and for every purchase they make - we provide a portion of that sale to your organization.

2. Charities will provide their community email list and we will reach out on their behalf on their approved terms. We will not keep the list of community members, just those who have purchased with us.

3. We can design specific product for your charity and have all those who purchase it on our site directly contribute to you for that product list - for as long as you like. 

4. Well, that's up to you and us!